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Foster Puppies

Occasionally at Bend Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center, a good Samaritan will bring us a sick or injured animal that they’ve found. After providing initial treatment, we will arrange for the animal to go to a local rescue (provided we cannot find an owner).

“I found two puppies, they seem pretty sick.” A voice over the phone said. Half an hour later when the puppies arrive they were small, nearly hairless, and appeared to be all skin and bones. We weren’t sure what the ultimate fate would be for these two sick and malnourished puppies. Our staff rushed around, checking their vitals, examining their condition, determining what they would need. Clearly not having ever received veterinary attention, or much care at all, the puppies were quite a sad sight. With worms and mange, the puppies would require a bare minimum of four weeks of medical treatment.

Despite having visible rib bones, the puppies were ravenous when it came time to feed them, stealing food from each other. After several days of intensive treatment, the puppies were taken home to be fostered by an employee.

In the beginning, they spent most of their time sleeping, their sick little bodies needing plenty of rest. Because of their condition, the puppies were confined to a large crate and could only be handled while wearing gloves. The puppies were kept entertained with toys and seemed especially thrilled with their tiny Kongs.

Within a few days, their energy was incredibly improved and it seemed as if the puppies didn’t even know that they were sick. Their personalities began to show through and though they still looked rather pathetic, the puppies were ready to run and play. It was time for the puppies to have a bit more space so they were transferred to the Humane Society of Central Oregon for further fostering.

The puppies took a bit longer than expected to complete their treatment but it was well worth the wait! After several weeks in HSCO foster care, you’d never be able to guess the rough start that these puppies had. They appeared healthy and strong, having gained weight, and their fur had even grown back! We were amazed with their progress and thrilled to see them get adopted so quickly.


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